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Done And Nearly Dusted!

I have been very busy working on a number of projects – my book, "The Night's Realm", and a non-fiction illustration project for DFB's First Names series. Both are now done and just about dusted, and I'm really excited!

"The Night's Realm" has taken a long while to complete, but it's been worth the wait! After trying various covers the publisher, David Fickling Books, and I have decided on the cover posted here. I think it will look very striking in bookshops, once the title has been foil-blocked and is sparkling on their shelves!

It won't be published until September, but I will be receiving proofs very soon, and I can't wait.

DFB's First Names series is a marvellous introduction to some famous names, and I have been fortunate enough to illustrate the book about Ada Lovelace, daughter of Lord Byron and a mathematical genius who helped Babbage develop his calculating machine, and foresaw the age of modern computers before almost anyone else!

This book will be published later in the year, too, and I will post some pages once layouts have been received.

Now it's on to some new projects, starting with "The Unbelievable Escapades of TILDA SHARP, Beast Hunter Extraordinaire!"

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