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Charlie hurtles over a waterfall on the back of an enormous crocodile!
Charlie Small encounters a walking, talking tree.
Little Billy Goat Gruff doesn't want to go to school!
Nick Ward
Writer And Illustrator

I was born above a tobacconist shop in the High Street of a small market town, and the atmosphere of that cosy, pungent place still influences me today, especially in my writing. I can remember corridors and stairs, deep cellars and hidden rooms and the spicy smell of snuff and pipe tobacco.


At the bottom of our garden was a brick built shed with a hidden door into my father’s darkroom where there were bottles and jars of strange liquids and multi-coloured marbles. What were they all for? It was all pulled down a long time ago, but I still visit it in my mind’s eye.

I’ve always loved books and book illustration, and after leaving school went on to study Graphic Design. By the time I finished the course, I’d had my first picture book accepted for publication and I’ve been producing picture and story books ever since.


I am married with two grown-up children, and live in a tiny village where I spend my time writing and drawing and painting away, from morning ’til night.

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