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Books to date, written and illustrated by Nick Ward

(unless otherwise stated)



Toby, Kestrel Books, 1979.

Giant, O.U.P. 1982.

Junk, O.U.P. 1983.

The Surprise Present, O.U.P. 1984.

A Bag of Tricks, O.U.P. 1984.

Ride The Black Horse, O.U.P. 1986.

Mr. Bunion, O.U.P. 1987.

Little Lord Wantitall, Blackie, 1991.

You Little Monster, Blackie, 1992.

Gran in Space, Blackie, 1992.

Shadowland, Hutchinson, 1993.

Don’t Worry Grandpa, Hutchinson, 1994.

Don’t Eat the Teacher! Scholastic, 1998.

A Word in a Pig’s Ear, or, The Practically Perfect Pig, Scholastic, 1999.

Farmer George and the Lost Chick, Pavilion, 1999.

Farmer George and the Fieldmice, Pavilion, 1999.

Into the Woods, Red Fox, 2000.

You Can’t Beat A Cheetah! Scholastic, 2000.

Farmer George and the Hungry Guests, Pavilion, 2000.

Farmer George and the Hedgehogs, Pavilion, 2000.

A Wolf At The Door, Scholastic, July 2001.

Farmer George and the New Piglet! Pavilion, Sept. 2001.

Farmer George and the Snowstorm, Pavilion, Sept. 2001.

Squash the Spider! David Fickling Books, July 2003

Who’s Been Eating MY Porridge! Scholastic Books, January 2003.

The Tadpole Prince. Pavilion Books, March 2003

The Ice Child. Pavilion Books, March 2004.

Come on, Baby Duck! Little Tiger Press. 2004.

The Naughtiest Ever Fairy, Meadowside Books, 2004.

Don’t Eat the Babysitter! David Fickling Books. 2005

The Terrible Troublesome Troll, Scholastic. Jan 2005.

The Biggest Baddest Wolf! Little Tiger Press, 2005.

I Wish, Chrysalis Children’s Books. 2005.

The Naughtiest Ever Fairy’s Naughty New Friend, Meadowside, 2005.

A Wolf at the Door! and Who’s been Eating My Porridge? Bind Up. Scholastic 2005.

Tinyrannosaurus! Meadowside 2005.

The Naughty Fairy’s Naughty Surprise, Meadowside 2006

The Nicest Naughtiest Fairy, Meadowside 2006

Tinyrannosaurus and the Neversaurus, Meadowside 2006

A Rumpus In The Night, Meadowside 2007

*Gorilla City! David Fickling Books 2007

*The Perfumed Pirates Of Perfidy/Pirate Galleon, David Fickling 2007

*The Puppet Master/The Puppet Master’s Prison, David Fickling 2007

The Naughty Fairy’s Naughtiest Ever Stories, Meadowside 2007

Tinyrannosaurus and the Bigfootosaurus, Meadowside 2008

*The Daredevil Desperados Of Destiny/Destiny Mountain, David Fickling Books 2008

*Charlie In The Underworld, David Fickling Books 2008

*The Barbarous Brigands Of Frostbite Pass/Frostbite Pass, David Fickling Books 2008

The Biggest And Best Of Tinyrannosaurus Stories, Meadowside 2008

Baby Pie, written by Tom Macrae. Andersen Press 2009

*The Mummy’s Tomb, David Fickling Books 2009

*Forest Of Skulls, David Fickling Books 2009

*Planet Of The Gerks, David Fickling Books 2010

*Valley Of Terrors! Random House/OUP 2010

*Land Of The Remotosaurs, David Fickling Books 2010

*The Hawk’s Nest, David Fickling Books 2011

*The Final Showdown, David Fickling Books 2011

*Gorillas vs The Leopard Men, Pearson 2011

*Chasm of the Killer Bees, Pearson 2011

Pirates And Dragons, David Fickling Books  2012

Ug And The Dinosaurs, David Fickling Books  2012

Serpents And Scarecrows, David Fickling Books  2013

Captain Thunderbolt And The Jelloids, David Fickling Books  2013

Superbot And The Terrible Toy Destroyer, David Fickling Books 2016

Mortimer's Picnic, Troika Books 2016

Superbot Toad And The Goo Extractor, David Fickling Books 2016

Terrible Tina, OUP 2017

The Night's Realm, David Fickling Books 2019

First Names: Ada Lovelace, illustrations only. Written by Ben Jeapes. David Fickling Books 2020

Will Jakeman's Marvellous Mechanimals, Guppy Books 2021

Will Jakeman's Marvellous Mechanimals And The Space Pirates, Guppy Books 2022

Those books marked with * are all part of the Charlie Small series, and since 2014 have been published by Red Fox, part of Penguin Random House


Notes: Shadowland was chosen as a Young Book Trust picture book of the year for 1994. Don’t Eat the Teacher! The Practically Perfect Pig! You Can’t Beat a Cheetah! and  A Wolf at the Door! have all sold to numerous European countries, including Portugal, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Greece, Spain, Germany, France, as well as to Brazil, and the U.S.A. Who’s Been Eating MY Porridge?  was chosen as a recommended read for World Book Day 2005 and is a follow up to A Wolf at the Door! which won the Stockport Schools Book Award for 2002. Gorilla City and The Perfumed Pirates Of Perfidy were selected as Waterstone’s book of the month in March 2007. The Perfumed Pirates Of Perfidy was short listed for the Red House Children’s Award 2008. Charlie In The Underworld was short listed for the Colorado Blue Spruce Book Award 2012.

Random House asked me to write a Charlie Small book for their World Book Day title for 2010. It was called Valley Of Terrors!

The Night's Realm won the Stockton Children's Book of the Year Award 2021, and Will Jakeman's Marvellous Mechanimals was longlisted for the Alligator's Mouth Award 2022


Don’t Eat The Teacher! has sold over a million copies worldwide.

The Practically Perfect Pig! had the biggest first print run ever, for a Scholastic picture book (110,000)

Valley Of Terrors! sold 120,000 copies.

My books have had coeditions published by: Lipokili; Minutos de Leitura; Sandviks; De Eekhoorn; Koala; Good Books USA; Jangone; De Ballon; Mondadori; Politikens; Roca; Impala; Timun Mas; Werner Soderstrom Osakeyhito; Flachs; Livros Horizonte; Aykupa; Milan; Lies+Spiel; Makela; Egmont Boker; Lamberth.


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